25 July, 2010

Recent Loves (Ohio Edition)

Hubbcap. Gawd, how I love this band completely stupidly.
Seeing as how I've broken out my record collection for the first time in years, join me on some nostalgia trip won't you.
My first CD-R from Hubbcap is a three song demo with probably the only song of their's whose title I remember: "Holy Moly" which I remember Chris Mountcastle saying was about the time he couldn't get a tooth pulled. This is obviously a demo and the guitar sounds like it was recorded in a bathroom; it has all of that midrange moof to it. At eight minutes, it's just sprawling proud stoner metal. Song #2 has rumble that would make Harvey Milk proud and Melvins jealous. You still can't hear a goddamned thing Matt is doing with his kick drum. It's a demo, what're you going to do?
Song #3 has a nice little tribal rhythm.
Oh, I told you that I drew that flier, right? Remember when I loved to put effort into that sort of thing?
Next CD-R is a live show. It is labeled "Hubbcap" with a "9" in a circle then, "1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5" but there are six songs. Some bird talks over the intro. If this wasn't Howard's, this was Checker's.
Sing #1 is an instrumental jam/freak out. Some bird keeps talking, Chris announces how fucked up they are and that the next song, Song #2, is called "It Aint Easy, Man".
Heavy heavy heavy.
What? I get up to take a leak and we're on Song #3!? Chris is going on about how it's a dark night but it's bright as day.
Songs #4 & #5 were on the demo I'm pretty sure. Song #6 is just a recording of some bird, looped, saying, "You're making me so horny and, um, like maybe you could take me on tour with you and I could be your sex slave..."
The proper studio recording with an old (I think) A&M Records photo of a Naval marching band, kicks off with a song where all I can make out as far as words are concerned is the repeated "Let's drink Southern Comfort [something something something]" and later "Driving around, just look at all the piggies; you are just a target when you're living in the city." Andy's bass is rumbling the shit out of everything. Unfortunately, whoever mixed this got only that right. The cymbals have no body and Matt's kick has no definition, Chris's guitar is a little thin, like somebody rolled off everything below 200Hz. It's a shame, too, because if Hubbcap would've been captured just right, they would have owned all of Ohio. As it stood, they owned BG.
The second song is the instrumental that happened on the second CD-R. The third is song #3 off of the first CD-R. And again, the song suffers from a really uneven mix that forces me to turn the stereo down; it's like somebody boosted everything below 50HZ by 12dB, so there's nothing but rumble and razors. I mean, I know what Andy's rig sounds like: it has ass for days. You go see Hubbcap and you get the insides of your chest jiggled. But that was live. This is a studio recording. Time to clean it up a little.
I think song #4 was called "Body and Soul". At least they keep saying it, so, you know, taking a leap of faith here. Song #5 is "Holy Moly" and song #6 has something to do with a guillotine.
Song #7 is the one about "With a joint in my hand and a bitch in my lap and I'm driving too fast in my truck." Never knew the title to that one, either.
On a whim, I just Googled them. Pleased to report that they've regrouped. Matt's on guitar now, Andy's still on bass, and some guy named Derf is drumming. Whoever recorded the song they have on their myspace has a better grip on recording. The guitar is more even, the kick drum actually comes out and plays, and the low end on the bass doesn't overwhelm everything else.
And they're opening for Jucifer in October. Check 'em out.

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  1. Tuna Fest in Bowling Green Oh. (it was this past weekend)


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