31 July, 2010

How do we end July?

This month had 62 posts, including this one, meaning that we're sitting pretty on exactly 2 posts per day. So how did we spend this month of moving, videoing, collecting accolades, having our asses handed to us, and nearly forgetting that it was the end of the month?
Number of posts: 62
Posts per day: 2
Number of posts that were musically related: 34 (55% of total, 1.1 posts per day)
Number of musically related posts that were about recording: 2 (3% of total, once every 15.5 days)
Number of posts in which I swear I will totes get around to recording: ∞
How fucking small that infinity symbol is: Infinitely.
And did I just use the word "totes" again? Yes. Damn it.
Longest post: It's Friday: Let's Piss Off KRAKOA! (3256 words)
Shortest post: Hey, weren't you guys supposed to put a word in a box this week? (6 words)
Number of words that were put in boxes: I don't know, you count them.
Number of people that put words in boxes: 3 (Adam, Dave, Joe)
Number of people that I legitimately pissed off: 1
Method employed to piss off that person: Back hand to the eye.
Number of bygones that were bygones: All.
Number of video posts: 2 (3% of total, once every 15.5 days)
Favorite new YouTube video:

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