27 July, 2010

Fuck. It's Tuesday, Again. Damn it.

You know I got nothing. But last night, Justin from the Austerity Program emailed me and told me that I won the Grand Prize in AP's record release contest. I get to pick a song for them to cover. You, my little illiterati, have until 1500CDT* to tell me whether I'm telling him Henry Mancini's opening theme from Experiment in Terror** or Devo's "Uncontrollable Urge".
I'm kind of sick of Firefox's shit, lately. Please excuse me while I try Google Chrome.

* Because I seriously have nothing, I'm just going to extrapolate on the nothingness. You have until...
1800PMDT / 6 PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon (A part of the French Empire, located south of Newfoundland)
1730NDT / 5:30 PM Newfoundland
1700ADT / 5 PM Atlantic
1600EDT / 4 PM Eastern
1500CDT / 3 PM Central
1400MDT / 2 PM Mountain
1300PDT / 1 PM Pacific
1200AKDT / 12 PM Alaskan
1000HAST / 10 AM Hawaiian-Aleutian (Hawaii doesn't do Daylight Savings Time, but the Alaska's Aleutian Islands do)

And I bet you thought there were only four time zones in North America (and our accompanying islands), too, huh? Silly bastard.

** Had to ditch "Experiment In Terror" after I found out Fantomas already did it. Your other option is now John Barry's opening theme to Game of Death

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