13 March, 2010

T-Shirt 13

T-Shirt: STP Motor Oil
Size: A smallish medium
Age: About ten years
Story: Occasionally, the Straightaways would do little photo shoots because we figured that's one of the things that bands do. I happened to wear this shirt during one such photo shoot. That's pretty much it. Maybe if I feel up to getting around to it, I'll scan some. As it stands, though, my long-haired days are best left in the past. You really don't want to see it.
The photo shoots generally consisted of me being the goofball and Bob being the disciplinarian.
This shirt has never been confused with being a Stone Temple Pilots shirt.


  1. It turns out, I don't have any photos from that set. I have the set where I'm wearing my Melvins shirt (which bit the dust years ago) and some shots from a show where I'm wearing my Nirvana "Circles of Hell" shirt, which also died years ago. Meh.

  2. I can see the Stone Temple Pilots thing, but yeah, everyone knows the The Edge plays for U2. Keep.


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