02 September, 2009

Not Safe For Wednesday

Have to head on down to the post office here shortly, after I finish my coffee, then I have work tonight. For real, do you see how boring things get when I don't have my own computer? Consider this week's Not Safe For Wednesday. All it is is a clip of Megan Fox asking a question:
You see? That's not even remotely interesting, but it's all I have to work with.
Completely juvenile, I know, I know. Look, I can't control the things I do, I just do them and responsibilities be damned.
Should we do another?
See? I know you're getting bored, I know you think this is completely asinine, and it is! It is asinine!
So it's like this, if you want the asininery to cease, then you need to send money and/or click on some ads, because when I have US$400, I can buy a new 'puter. And when I have a new 'puter, we can go back to the good ol' days when "Not Safe For Wednesday" meant something up in here. A time when it meant hiding the screen, waiting for the boss to go to lunch, making sure there weren't any customers in the aisles, and always clearing your browser history. You don't come here on Wednesday for shit like this:
You come here for guys that wrap their dicks in foil and try to fuck power outlets. You come here for campy stag flicks. You come here because your job is a miserable boring mess and seeing some titties is the only thing that reminds you that you're alive; that deep inside you beats the heart of an animal that was never meant to sit in a cubicle or respond to bells rung at the front desk. You are a living being that cannot be caged into the humdrum worlds of inventory or accounts payable and receivable alike. NO! You need to be free! FREE! And I bring you naked people doing silly things to remind you of your natural right to frolic freely!
Of course, you also have to pay the bills, which is why you're watching this shit at work in the first place.

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