03 August, 2009

Yesterday's Tracking Session




Work on this new KRAKOA record is winding down as I'm finding only a few stray sessions here and there and remembering, "Oh, yeah, I was going to use that one." Song choices are being made, track listings are being put together, new material is coming in and "less than stellar" material is being discarded. So all I really had to do yesterday was lay down a bass track before going out and having a couple glasses of whiskey with Chance, then went out and grabbed some teriyaki with some Aussies. (The killer line from last night was when one of the Aussies told me: "When we first checked in, we thought you were rude. Then it turned out that, no, you're just really honest.")
After a godawful bout of insomnia last night (sleep from ten to midnight to 0100CDT or so, then not again until probably 0400 or so until 0700), I went back to work on mixing this morning. Since it's also laundry day, I'm committing the cardinal sin of mixing on headphones, at least until the dryer's done running and then I can go back down to the studio to mix. But first, I have to go out and pay some bills. Because there's nothing I love more than giving money to people who fuck me in the ass without having the goddamned common courtesy to give me a reach around.

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