31 August, 2009

How do we end August? By nearly forgetting to do the end of the month wrap up.

This month had forty four posts, including this one, yielding roughly 1.42 posts per day, despite my laptop crashing. So how did we spend this month of borrowing computers, saving pennies, and selling my stuff?
Posts this month: 44
Posts per day: 1.42
Number of posts that were musically related: 2 (4.5% of total, about once every two weeks)
Number of music related posts that were about recording: 2 (4.5% of total, about once every two weeks)
Number of times a picture of Charlie's dad was included with a goofy caption wherein Charlie would blame his father for any number of his neuroses: 3 (7% of total, about once every week and a half)
Longest post: Huey Lewis: Unwitting Agent of Satan (1,788 words)
Shortest post: Can we all agree on something? (15 words)
Most popular theme: Charlie Needs A New Laptop Fund Raiser (22 posts, 50% of total, once every other day on average but occurring for fifteen consecutive days)
Amount of money actually raised: US$110 (27.5% of goal) and an external hard drive enclosure
Actual goal: US$400
Amount left to raise: US$290 (72.5% of goal)
What Charlie is requesting readers do: SEND MONEY!

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