28 August, 2009

It's Friday: Let's Piss Off... Uh...

OK, so I think we all get how the "It's Friday: Let's Piss Off ________" feature is supposed to work; I pick somebody or something that I actually like and then I go out of my way to piss off those people or the people associated with the product or service that I'm discussing. So far, we've tackled Steve Albini, Marvel Comics, and Scot T. Two people and a company I actually like.
The problem is that today I wake up and I try desperately to find something that I actually like that I can goof on, and all I can think of are things that piss me off:
Heroin (killed a bunch of really good musicians)
FL Studio (only lately, because I can't run it from an external hard drive)
Kelly Osbourne (well, not really, I don't even know anything about her)
So, on a whim, I'm about to try looking at things I actually like.
H├Ągar the Horrible
Tim Gunn
Genesis P-Orridge
Bananas (cream pie, split, pudding, et al)
New England Clam Chowder
Nothing. Damn. How about... no. Huh. Uh... Damn.
Well, anyway, since I was able to access the new KRAKOA record yesterday and burn the session data disc and redbook audio disc, I'm just going to declare the fucker done. Take a gander in the right hand column and I'm going to get info loaded up onto RYM here in a minute while I sit here wondering where the hell my Amazon orders are for the day (which I'm not in a hurry for since it's raining... again).

ADDENDUM: The new KRAKOA record is posted to Rate Your Music (where it will take a committee and forever to get the cover art posted) and over at KRAKOA's blog.

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