27 August, 2009

UPDATE 8/27/09: Charlie Needs A New Laptop Fund Raiser

Oh! happy day!
Contributing author Dave's donation: A two and a half inch SATA external hard drive enclosure. Thank you. I've spent a few spots here and there listening to the completed mixes (that were twenty minutes away from being burnt to a redbook CD when the ol' 'puter crashed) and making sure everything's in order. For the most part, everything is still in tip-top shape, but the real problems lie in the fact that this is essentially the entire brain of a computer so there are directories and drivers and plugins and apps and what not, so when I jack in, I have to basically go through an entire file path. Not bad, just a bit daunting; it's not my desktop, after all.
Another issue is the transference of my DAW. Because FLStudio reads everything around a file, including the path to locate everything, operation is a bit buggy. Because my hard drive is now "DRIVE F:" and not "DRIVE C:", some samples appear as lost and some features don't work properly. I can foresee this issue being solved upon acquisition of the new 'puter and throwing everything at its "DRIVE C:".
A big pain in the ass, though, was that I had to download a crack / key-gen / thingamabob in order to take FLS out of demo mode, which it reverted to after being read by a new system. To continue with the brain analogy, it's basically like applying your motor skills to a new set of hands: The basic operation of every hand is the same, but the specialization is different. In this case, George's set of hands is geared toward skill set A (in her case, graphic design and the visual arts) and I'm inserting a brain with skill set B (in my case, audio engineering and recording). So I have to find a way to get things to operate properly from one system to the next. No biggy.
In an hour, I'll be at work and finally burning session and audio discs. Try and stop me.

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