25 August, 2009

UPDATE 8/25/09: Charlie Needs A New Laptop Fund Raiser

Yeah, yeah, we're going on closer to two weeks, now. You think it's rough for you? It's rougher for me; I'm the one operating on borrowed laptops.
Take today for example: I had set aside today for errands of all sorts that require me to leave the house. I woke up this morning to find it raining. Not a big deal for those of you who own cars, but I walk everywhere, so it's kind of a hassle. And I keep reminding myself that the sooner that I get this shit taken care of, the sooner the delivery man will be at my door with my laptop.
Today, I have to:
  1. Withdraw US$20 from my savings account in order to...
  2. Open a checking account with said US$20 so that...
  3. I can receive payments from Amazon because they will deposit money in only my checking accounts for which...
  4. I'm going to have to get a debit card because...
  5. I need said debit card to buy a computer from Dell because Dell sells only online and accepts only credit or debit card, no checks or money orders.
Welcome to the World of Tomorrow! Look at how much more streamlined things are than when I could just hock my wares to a person who hands me money for them and then I walk down the block to the fuckin' store and buy something! Can it get any simpler than the method I've just bullet-pointedly described!? That's the easiest way to accomplish anything!
No wonder it's 2009 and we don't have jet-packs.
On top of these things to do today, I have to send off a t-shirt to contributing author Kirian and go buy an external case for my hard drive. Sending off the t-shirt should be easy enough but trying to find a place that'll sell me an external case with trade in on two old laptops is going to be a pain up the sphincter. We'll see what maybe Office Max can do.

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