22 August, 2009

UPDATE 8/22/09: Charlie Needs A New Laptop Fund Raiser

So the construction thing that I thought I could sneak into, like I figured, has hit a snag. According to the guy I was going to about it, the projects are "on hold" at this point, so that's out for now. I am, however, picking up two extra hours today because, like any other day in this shit pit, nobody else can work their schedule and ol' Charlie has to pick up the slack. At this point, I can't really gripe because I need every extra hour I can get. It's not like this job is that labor intensive, anyhow, but really. Really. I was looking forward to clocking out at 1300CDT.
As if today wasn't fucked as it is, what with finding out that I can get a brand new 'puter for thirty dollars more than a "refurbished" one.
Anyway, remember that there's still plenty of my junk up for grabs, and if you think any of that shit's overpriced, think of it like it's a PBS fundraiser: Tote bags will set you back US$50 or more. Don't you want a US$50 tote bag? Lord knows I want a US$50 tote bag. Why don't you want a US$50 tote bag? You should have a US$50 tote bag. Everybody wants a US$50 tote bag.
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