22 August, 2009

UPDATE 8/22/09: Charlie Needs A New Laptop Fund Raiser

It's been a week and I can feel my skin begin to burn. My entire insides, gut-wise, are beginning to coil around themselves and tie themselves into knots as my ribs wrench against each other, shooting dust and shards into the meat-jelly space of my torso. A fire lights on the back of my tongue and begins to slither toward the back of my teeth, threatening to crawl over the rims and pass through my lips.
This, my little illiterati, is anger.
You see, the used - sorry, refurbished, which they were pretentious enough to point out to me - Inspiron at the computer joint has 1.7GB RAM and a 40GB HDD. It's going for US$349, before sales tax.
At Dell's official site, I can buy a brand new Inspiron 15 with 2GB RAM and 160GB HDD for (and check the fuck out of this shit out) US$379.
Three hundred seventy nine United States dollars.
For thirty dollars more than the used one, I can get a faster computer with four times the hard drive space and a DVD burner. Standard. No special offers, no coupons, no discounts, none of that shit that can expire. Just boom. Shit is done.

And I can lay the hell out of some pipe, too, if you catch my drift.
So, naturally, I have to pick up an extra gig. Laying bricks, hanging drywall, build cabinets, all the shit I hate doing but can do, so long as I can get (basically) US$400. In construction that's, what? one? two? weeks worth of pay? Hell, if I put in forty hours, coming out with US$400 is US$10/hr, and I've always suspected that construction guys made better money than that. But what do I expect? I'd be like a day laborer. Tell whoever runs the show that I just need to work up US$400. If they need me that long, I'll work that long. If they need me longer than that, well, then I guess I can pay off a few of these debts, but the market's shit, the season is ending, and even getting a straight week of work is going to be a challenge.
It's kind of goofy when you think about. It's like those kids who start mowing their neighbors' lawns just until they have enough money to buy something, then they quit. It's like I'm twelve years old again.
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