20 August, 2009

I want my fucking FEMA trailer. (With AP photos!)

As I'm sure you've heard, a pair of tornados (or cyclones, for you Pecos Bill types) touched down here in Minneapolis, three blocks from my house at the Electric Fetus record store, which blew out one of its windows (Lame.) and caved in the roof (The fuck!?).1

They can get hit by a tornado, but they can't be arsed to stock a fucking NOXAGT record.

The AP caption describes this glass as coming from the bus shelter, which is bullshit. That thing's never had any glass plates on the long sides.
You can also find slide shows of the damage at TwinCities.com and at the Twin Cities Decider.
Apparently, I was three blocks away the entire time it was in my neighborhood, as the sumbitch cut a swath from eighteenth and fourth down along fourth a good ways and more or less headed due south where it completely fucked up the neighborhood around thirty seventh and Portland, which is nineteen blocks down and two over. When you look at the map below, you can see where the tornado was able to pick up steam: 35W, the highway that just can't stop killing people.

A = 18th St E & 4th Ave S, B=37th St E & Portland Ave
So, as with most disasters, FEMA will not be showing up to do any sort of actual work, let alone bringing me a laptop.
Anyhow, watch a kitty video.

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