19 August, 2009

Not Safe For Wednesday

Did you really think that such a got-damn catastrophe as my laptop taking a swan dive into a drained pool would prevent me from showing off my beard? It is the 19th, after all, and I made you, my little illiterati, a promise. So, with plenty of fanfare but no further ado, may I present one month of unincumbered hair growth:
Look at that sexy Samson!
That's what happens when you have a moustache in the sixth grade, I suppose. It's pretty much why I just don't even bother shaving anymore; may as well just grow a beard and roll with it, you know?

Pictured: My motherboard in happier times.
Anyway, I hope y'all appreciate the effort I put into making sure that picture got put up, today. My Motorola phone hacking software is - guess where - on my hard drive. That I can't access. Because my motherboard is fried worse than a Kentucky chicken.
No? No good? Not working for you? Yeah, I thought that simile sucked, too, honestly.
ANYhoo, I figured that things would be as simple as getting out the USB cable, downloading the hack software, and running with it. Such was not the case, as this HP running XP (unlike my Dell that ran Vista) took one look at my Razr's hot love jack and decided to spaz the fuck out asking for one install disc after another, asking if it could try to find the software online, then coming back and admitting that it had no earthly idea what the hell it was trying to accomplish. This prevents the 'puter and the phone from interfacing in the first place, regardless of whether I have a USB cable patching them together or hack software downloaded and ready to go.
I refuse, however, to let this keep me down, so I still take the picture on my phone (in 1990, that sentence would make no sense) and I wind up eating the 15¢ it takes to send a "picture message" to my email account, meaning that this fund raiser has actually lost money. How the hell do you lose money during a fund raiser?
Leave it to Sound Design and Assembly to pull that one off, I suppose.
ANYhoo (yes, again), it's also Not Safe For Wednesday. This week's feature is A-OK to pump up the volume on, so long as nobody can see your computer.

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