15 August, 2009

Posting from here on out is going to be pretty spotty.

It's not everyday that one can bemoan the cruel fate of a computer crash to a hostel guest who replies, "You know, I did IT in Silicon Valley for years, you should let me take a look at it."
Fortunately, the hard drive is safe.
Unfortunately, the diagnosis is that the rest of the 'puter is indeed dead. Diagnostic+ parts + service + sales tax = May as well just buy a whole new computer.
On top of all this, I found a local place, a ten block walk, that sells used laptops starting at US$199. That's the problem, though, is that they start at US$199. Used desktops start at US$79, though, and that might be the way to go, I think, even though I loved having a laptop and I could take my projects with me from room to room or to work as the situation dictated. But, hey, I suffered a smaller hard drive at the expense of convenience, and it was a nicety but not a necessity.
My only requirements for the new model:
  • I need an ass load of RAM.
  • At least 60GB on the hard drive.
  • I'd prefer Vista but I can still rock the XP.
  • It needs a Wi-Fi card.
  • I don't want an HP.
Long and short of it is that I'll be posting pretty sporadically until I resolve the situation, so I think our contributing authors will have to pick up my slack for a few days.

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