10 August, 2009

I'm pretty sure that this isn't the first KRAKOA contest.

KRAKOA has two white t-shirts and is looking for t-shirt design ideas from (all three) fans. If you want your t-shirt design on a... um... t-shirt, go ahead and post a link to your design in the comments section and we'll host the image here at Sound Design and Assembly.

Image requirements:
Must be 640 pixels tall by 480 pixels wide.
Must contain the band name somewhere. The band name is spelled K (kay) R (ar) A (ay) K (kay) O (oh) A (ay) . In Japanese, the name is spelled カラコア, which, oddly enough, translates to "column".
Must conform to two colors, high contrast (because we're limited to what's around the house).
Must not infringe on copyrighted work. Unfortunately, this includes parodies of popular images.
Must not contain material that may be construed as racist, sexist, homophobic, or religiously intolerant.
Must be submitted by August 31st.

These requirements are concrete. Submissions deviating from these requirements will not be accepted. By submitting a design, you are granting KRAKOA (the band), Sound Design and Assembly (the blog), Cannibal Sativa Recording Group (the label), and their collective and individual members exclusive usage rights with the understanding that you are forfeiting your usage rights to the image.
Basically, this means that you are creating a t-shirt design for use by KRAKOA and only for use by KRAKOA to be used on a t-shirt and only on a t-shirt. KRAKOA records for Cannibal Sativa Recording Group and their recording projects, show reviews, and associated projects are featured on Sound Design and Assembly.
While KRAKOA is granted the exclusive use, you will be credited as the creator of the graphic art piece that is featured on the t-shirt.
Is there any other legal bullshit I left out? You see, this is why I don't let people give me shit. Really.

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