04 August, 2009

Green Energy Noise Complaints

According to reports on Minnesota Public Radio this morning, folks is upset about the noise (and I swear I'm not making this up) from wind turbines.
Wind turbines.
These things:

Are you ready to rock!?!?!?
The only scientific figure given in the report is that the "low frequency noise" (the actual cycles per second was not specified) has been gauged at not exceeding 55dB, the equivalent of a casual conversation according to the story. Other sources [1] [2] [3] differ on this figure, for example: Wikipedia, bastion of knowledge that it is, says that 55dB is the German standard for mentally stressful tasks. That's right, the country that brought you austere architexture, S&M laced art movements, the height of global antisemitism, and the brown sound club, considers continuous exposure to anything as loud as a conversation to be mentally stressful.

Pictured: Eurotrash. (Bonus points if you can name the movie.)
Sonically, the sound has been described as being akin to the sound of a dishwasher (that never stops). One man interviewed had initially voted for the wind farms because he thought he was doing right by the environment. He says:
"Now if I'm having a conversation with somebody and there's somebody else in the room going 'bom bom bom bom', I'm going to kick that person out."
And believe me, I really wanted to make it look like he was singing...
"Now if I'm having a conversation with somebody and there's somebody else in the room going bom bom bom bom, I'm going to kick that person out."
... because it's cute. In addition to his gripe was the woman who complained that the turbines just never cease their incessant thromming and "[the noise] gets in your house!" Leave it, of course, to a native born U.S. citizen to grouse about environmental responsibility infringing upon their comfort level.
As of press time, the action proposed was to regulate the noise level of the wind farms down from 55dB to (and I love this) 50dB.

ADDENDUM: Happy birthday to Barack Obama.

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