15 August, 2009

Charlie Needs A New Laptop Fund Raiser

You know how we do here at Sound Design and Assembly. George has been nice enough to let me use her laptop while I work up the funds for a new 'puter, and I bought her a twelver of beer to show my appreciation.
I priced out a few computers down at the joint on Hennepin today and, honestly, I wasn't wowed by the selection of desktops which ran for US$149: 512 RAM, 40GB HDD, no Wi-Fi, DVD-ROM/CD burner. But what do you want for a hundred fifty bucks? Hell, I didn't get all the bells and whistles I was looking for for eight hundred.
They had an Inspiron 6K for US$349. Runs XP and a DVD-ROM but otherwise has most of the same specs I have and they're willing to let me swap my hard drive for theirs on top of giving me US$100 for my 1501, US$50 if the only thing usable is the monitor.
Aaannnddd here's where you come in, oh my little illiterati: To get Sound Design and Assembly and KRAKOA running back at peak performance ASAP, I'm asking for donations. Nothing's to big and certainly nothing is too small. You can donate (all figures in US dollars) $1, you can donate $10, you can donate $100, you can donate whatever you would like, really. This will help ensure that I get to keep eating and keep the student loans paid and keep the lights on.
I'll even throw in some bonuses, in the only bonus-rific way I can offer:
  • $1 to $10: You get a KRAKOA record of your choice emailed to in MP3 format.
  • $11 to $20: You get two KRAKOA records of your choice emailed to you in MP3 format.
  • $21 to $30: You get two KRAKOA CD-Rs of your choice and one of my two prized KRAKOA t-shirts (washed first, of course) mailed to you (after I buy the 'puter because shipping's a bitch). (The t-shirt is first come first serve.)
  • $31 to $50: I will mail you former KRAKOA bassist Dave's dog, Buddy.
    Actually, no, I won't do that.
    $31 to $50: I will mail you my busted-ass Arion chorus pedal. Achieve the same great "Come As You Are" tone as channeled through the states of Ohio and West Virgina. I'm serious. You will get a chorus pedal. (First come, first serve.)
  • $51 to ∞: I have no fucking idea. Really. I don't. But then, I'm not counting on any of yous guys to actually donate anything anyhow.
To donate, just go ahead and leave a comment with your email address or you can click on my Facebook badge and get mine and I'll give you my mailing address.
This isn't a bunch of mail order bride jokes, kids. I really need the help on this one.


  1. I can't think of a better first coming and serving than you, good sir.


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