05 July, 2009

Yesterday's Tracking Sessions




Drum Kit/Program
Yesterday I ran double duty in a manner of speaking. First, I got bored here at the hostel so I started another sample splicing project that mixed elements of dub-reggae and trip-hop. As you can assume, there's a lot of spring reverb on the guitar, filter swept quarter note delay on the snare, and an over abundance of low end on the bass.

Pictured: Terrified hillbillies.
(Bonus points if you can name the movie.)
When I got home, though, I began work on a stoner metal piece for which I got the idea while reading up on will-o'-wisps, which are creeping little bioluminescent swamp farts that backwoods hillbillies think are demons or some shit. This one was a royal pain in the arse as it switches from 3/4 time to 8/8 half way through the song and then it abruptly shifts to 9/4 for the coda. We're talking about it going from a slow groove to Bad Brains fast to just a Diazepam stumble/crawl from one measure to the next. For some reason, the guitar was completed in one take, but the bass required three.
That and I also broke the low E on the bass, which was fun. Meant I had to go digging for the old bass strings to see if I still had an old low E string I could throw on until I got to the guitar shop. (I did.) The first bass take was a wash since the low E went out of tune (naturally) and the second one because I flubbed it, but the third one was good and required only a quick punch in.

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