26 July, 2009

Yesterday's Tracking Session




I sang, I sang, I sang to the heavens, "Lawd, thank ya! Thank ya! Thank ya for July 26th, 2009 being Sarah Palin's last day in office!"
Possible captions:
  1. Pictured: The pride of Alaska
  2. 2008: The year that we avoided this being taught in public schools by a fuckin' landslide.
  3. Come on, do you think the East Coast liberal elite media could just pull this out of thin air?
  4. Pictured: What happens when Charlie just slaps some shit together in MSPaint in under two minutes.
Otherwise, I didn't do jack shit yesterday. Well, I did attempt to watch the George C. Scott classic To Have and Have Not-esque suspense flick The Last Run. What I wound up with was the Fred Savage sex-addiction drama The Last Run. Well, I had to watch it; you don't just wind up with a copy of a Fred Savage sex-addiction drama and not watch it. Honestly, it was somewhere between sad and hysterical because you can tell he's trying to pull a Bob Sagat in Half Baked move but the trouble is that his voice hasn't changed a bit since he played Kevin Arnold.
Then there were some huge-assed fireworks coming from downtown or over by the river for the Aquatennial. Those were cool.

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