24 July, 2009

Yes. I did take a picture of my cooking.

That's one of the vegetarian stuffed peppers I made yesterday. It's a green bell lined with colby jack and stuffed with a homemade beans and rice concoction that involved corn, red and green chilies, diced white onion and the green bell top, seasoned with minced garlic, cumin, and ground corriander. (And butter. I mean, can you season things with butter? 'Cause I do.) Then topped with slices of colby jack and a slice of white onion. Wrapped in foil and placed in an oven while the oven began preheating to 450oF, then given and extra five minutes for good measure. Cheese was nice and stringy and the pepper was hot but still crisp. Wound up splashing a bit of hot sauce on it.


  1. Damn Charlie, you almost make me want to turn rabbit-arian. I didn't know you were a cook.
    Putting hot sauce on food is inevitable for me. It just goes so well with everything.
    But where are the hot Russian womens?

  2. The Ukrainian ladies are gone: http://sounddesignandassembly.blogspot.com/2009/07/thank-god-its-briday.html


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