17 July, 2009

Vivian Girls Interview Videos

First up, an interview from Exhibition Meal back in May when Vivian Girls were in Minneapolis and nobody fucking told me about it so of course I wasn't there. Dig Kickball Katy talking about the recording process, analog versus digital and cold-assed studios.
Then, part of Amoeba Records' "What's In My Bag?" series. Check out the mad record collecting skills on Kickball Katy, rattling off record labels and recording engineers, thus reaffirming why she's the Vivian Girl on whom I have a crush.
Be sure to also check out the one with Dave Grohl to hear about some 80s/90s hardcore 7" singles, punker fights, and see how puffy-looking he's gotten. But what do you want? The guy is forty years old ferfucksake and his hair looks great.
Yes, I did just say that.
Lastly, check out this interview Vivian Girls did with Nardwuar. If you're not familiar with Nardwuar, just be forewarned that he's a (harmless) crazy motherfucker who exhaustively researches his interview subjects (victims).

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