21 July, 2009

An unexpected rainy day.

Haven't had one for a while so, today, I'm couching it. A few sandwiches, a few cocktails, a couple episodes of Parking Wars and Operation Repo. I dunno, maybe later I'll hit the studio, but all I really need to do is lay down vocals.


Intendin' to do nothin'.
Actually found a few older pieces and have been sifting through the latest sessions to pick and choose what's going on this new record. The original version of "Death Rattle On Murgatroid" (titled simply "Murgatroid") will be rearing its ugly head in its original form, which was a batch of tape experiments splicing together portions of older KRAKOA songs that were actually just noises; klings und klangs from between ze notes.
Since these tape splices are from older sessions (read: from when I had no idea what the fuck I was doing), the drums are absolutely squashed (and subsequently blurred) by multi-band compression and the bass lacks low end.
To add definition, I did three things:
  1. Despite that it's near impossible to expand something once it's compressed, I threw an expander on the old rendered track.
  2. On top of the old, over-compressed drums, I threw across a new drum program, uncompressed and with no reverberation.
  3. Under the old bass track, I put a sine-wave oscillator mimicing the bassline.
The most amount of work I intend to put into anything today, though, is the spatula I broke. I superglued that.

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