03 July, 2009

Thank God It's Briday

You know, it honestly used to be nice to have some bullshit to just do on Fridays. It was convenient to have just whatever bullshit there was about which to joke. But, look, it's like this: We have twisted every conceivable relevant subject every which way so far with the mail order brides...
In alphabetical order:
  • Fetishes
  • International slave trade
  • Misogyny
  • Multi-million dollar internet scams
  • Neuroses
  • Patriarchy
  • Self-deprecation
  • U.S. economy
  • U.S. obsession with beauty
  • Women with whom I was actually in a relationship
  • Xenophobia
This is an eighteen year old with her entire productive life ahead of her....
So what makes any of us think that she's genuinely interested in this jackass?
The fact of the matter is, though, that I am out of jokes on this one. It is therefore, with no particular amount of regret or heartbreak, that I must pronounce today, July 3rd, 2009 as the day that this joke officially died.
While I find another subject to beat the shit out of to death, enjoy a New Zealand Flight Safety Video...


  1. Like any other on-again / off-again relationship, one of us (between me and the joke) had to be strong enough to end it.


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