17 July, 2009

Lee Ranaldo Radio Interview on CFRU

Another of the last of my discoveries from an EA informant: A radio interview with Lee Ranaldo on Guelph, Ontario's CFRU 93.3 FM. The link to the full length show is kind of a goofy one, there's six minutes of the BBC World Service preceding the show, and according to the host, it will be up for only forty five days. I've been toying with the idea of truncating the file down to strictly the interview with Lee with a not-so-goofy link but, since it would be permanant, I would have to convert the file to a lower bitrate. See, there's songs in there and Sonic Youth have probably given permission to host their material on line for the aforementioned forty five days. Only way to justify screwing over a band in whom I have only a passing interest and a DJ I've never met is to make the thing sound like shit.
If you're a die hard Sonic Youth fan who really needs to hear this, leave a comment if this link doesn't work and I'll think about it.

Also be sure to check out video of Lee talking about his customized "Jazzblaster" at YouTube.

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