31 July, 2009

How do we end July?

This month had forty four posts, including this one, yielding roughly 1.42 posts per day. So how did we spend this month of countering writer's block and pretending to be nice while not getting laid?
Posts this month: 44
Posts per day: 1.42
Number of posts that were musically related: 13 (29.5% of total, about once every two or three days)
Number of music related posts that were about recording: 6 (13.6% of total, about once every five days)
Number of new tags introduced: 3 ("Fuck Yeah", "Space Exploration", "Travel"; occurring once every 14.67 days)
Number of tags deleted: 1 ("Literature", condensed into "Books")
Most popular post theme: Copping out, admitted to or just obvious in 6 posts
Shortest post: Yeah Yeah (4 words)
Longest post: The first three minutes, four seconds of Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" video (1623 words)
Number of times in that post I referenced the iconic Niagara Falls scene from Superman II: 4 (Once every 405.75 words)
Amount of time it actually takes Superman to save that kid: 28.4s
Total height of Niagara Falls: 52m
Gravitational constant: 9.8m/s2
Actual time it would take for that kid to hit the surface: 3.3s
Number of seconds Superman needs to shave off his game: 25.1s
Or else:

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