01 July, 2009

How do we begin July?

By working day shift, in the middle of the week. Boss Lady called me up while I was at the museum yesterday (Where security followed me around in the least inconspicuous manner possible because, you know, the things they don't have in a frame or case are super easy enough to fit into a messenger bag, the same messenger bag where I was busy pulling my notebook from every three minutes. Motherfucker, do I look like some Great Muppet Caper-ass cat burglar?), where folks looked at me funny because my ringtone is loud as fuck in the Frank Lloyd Wright hallway exhibit. Directly across from that was the picture window with the Minneapolis skyline, which the museum managed to turn into an exhibit with a little plaque that numbered and named the buildings you see.
Mind you, that's downtown Minneapolis, where Hennepin, Nicollet, and Marquette all run parallel to each other as one ginormous, murderous-road-rage-inducing, transportation artery that, when put together, total twelve lanes (six in one direction, two in another, two turn lanes, two bike lanes, and Nicollet is bus, taxi, and emergency vehicles only downtown, so its two lanes are not counted here) of bumper-to-bumper clogged Autobahn madness narrowed worse by MNDOT's decision to repave Marquette and 2nd Ave, so all traffic is Hennepin or 3rd Ave.
Anyway, while I get that major metropoli don't just spring up over night, that they indeed take decades or even centuries to develop, it's still a mind bender, albeit a pleasant one, to see that this was Minneapolis one hundred seven years ago:
That's a painting titled "A Rainy Evening On Hennepin Avenue" by Robert Koehler circa 1902. That was Minneapolis. (And I hope you appreciate that shot because my shitty camera phone kept making a blurry mess out of everything, thus requiring nine or ten shots of some things.)
Anyhow, here, have a chart:

TrackI went the fuck outside.
I went the fuck outside.
I went the fuck to the museum.
MixI went the fuck outside.

I went the fuck outside.
Looked at me some damn art.

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