04 July, 2009

Graves of the Endless Fall is back!

Fort Wayne, Indiana's GRAVES OF THE ENDLESS FALL is back together. According to their MSpac blog from back in May, the reunion (I hate that word for any band that hasn't been broken up for at least ten years) began as the guys from Graves getting together and practicing weekly with no really solid plans regarding whether this was reinitiating the band. So it was kind of like what happens when you start getting together with your ex strictly for the sex.
Well, sure enough, as much as they told themselves and each other that, "Hey, we know what this is and we know that this isn't anything serious; it's just a little bit of fun between consenting adults," they still wound up digging up their old feelings for each other and are now back together.
No word yet on how long they're going to be together this time around, so be sure to check them out while they're out and about this time. I was lucky enough to catch them once or twice when they came through Bowling Green, OH and they were a fucking blast. Think stoner metal meshed with thrash metal with portions crust punk sprinkled on top as composed by guys that listen to Joy Division's Complete BBC Recordings and Strauss waltzes.

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