18 July, 2009

Charlie? Are you copping out again?

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've been posting a lot of videos with a paragraph lately; as I've said before, July is the fucking Dead Zone around these here parts. In fact, I'm half-convinced that I should just take off July of 2010. But, just to warn you, I'm toying with the notion of a fairly big post in the next few days. Don't get your hopes up; if it happens, it happens. If it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen. Got it.
Anyway, last night was pretty fun. Got off the clock and a couple hostel guests decided to try to get me drunk and talk records. They nearly succeeded, but I did get to talk about music, vodka, and French women with a pair of Yanks, a pair of Frogs, a Swiss guy, and a guy from Belize all the while drinking a few Black Labels, which is why I practiced self-control. Black Label, as I explained it to my brother, is out for blood. I have never had my cranium so perilously close to implosion as the one morning after experience I had with that foul swill and even after last night's modest intake, the portion of my brain that resides near the crown of my skull produced a mild throb that took a good half hour to relegate itself to twitching this morning. How Kirian swears by the shit, I'll never know.
Anyway, the conversation going how it normally does, I had to ask the one question that was on everybody's minds from our international intoxicant benefactors: Do you guys have an easier time getting tail here on account of your accents? They each found a way to talk around the subject without actually giving an answer, but they did say that French women don't dig American or British accents. Women of other nationalities may dig them, but French women in general find that native English speakers have unattractive accents. So that explains it; I was wondering why I've never scored a French chick.

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