02 July, 2009

The charger on this 'puter died.

Yeah, this part.
Specifically, the actual power cord part, before the transformer, yeah, the plug. That died. The rest of the power cord is fine. I know this because I found a power cord that fit the transformer. A two year run with no major problems? Not bad.
But I go looking for the appropriate part on line, find that it's US$25 (my warranty's expired) and also find that there's a shit-ton of people out there who have nothing but hate toward Dell. Their complaints are valid, I'll grant them that, but their experiences are nothing but the opposite I had with Dell until my warranty ran out, and when my warranty ran out, I was just pissy because they wanted to charge me for the service call.
Anyway, so I'm reading all these stories about how horrible an experience each person has had with Dell and starting to get weirded out. I mean, my parents, my ex, and I have had nothing but trouble with HPs. I figured "Fuck it, I'm getting a Dell," and had nothing but good experiences after that, even if they couldn't figure out why playing YouTube in full screen crashes my display driver. Anything else in full screen is fine, but try to stream something (particularly YouTube) in full screen and the screen goes black. I hit ESC to exit full screen and the screen comes back and a little notification window will pop up that says "Display Driver Stopped Working". Yeah, Dell doesn't know how to fix that.
Anyhow, I'm just blathering now. Here, watch this:
Note that this is not a YouTube video. We're bumping this shit in full screen.

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