07 July, 2009

Busy day, yesterday.

All times are approximate and in Central Daylight Savings.

0700: Awake. Turn off alarm clock. Let cat in. Play opossum. Cat leaves.

0800: Awake. Wonder why the hell I slept in.

0800 - 0830: Feed cat. Find Dave passed out on couch. Poop. Shave. Shower.

0830 - 1100: Wash, dry, and fold laundry. Do dishes (x2). Drink coffee (one pot).

1100 - 1220: Cash paycheck at the check cashing joint, tenth one. Free. Go to Aldi, think about catching the 2 Westbound for the return home, only to see it fly by as I exit Aldi. No biggy. (Trip: 2 miles.)

1220 - 1230: Put groceries away. Drink one quart of cold water.

1230 - 1350: Go to post office down town. Encounter first woman with large red and black butterfly tattoo. Purchase money orders. Pay "big" student loan bill and the credit card bill. Encounter second woman with a large red and black butterfly tattoo. Go to bank. Make deposit. Exchange niceties with Banker Steve. In skyway, encounter third woman with large red and black butterfly tattoo. On return home, purchase cat food, cat litter, and a can of corned beef. (Trip: 3 miles.)

1350 - 1400: Drink one quart of cold water.

1400 - 1440: Go to guitar shop. Encounter fourth woman with large red and black butterfly tattoo. Purchase bass strings. Hear customer ask clerk who he liked more, Led Zeppelin or Whitesnake. Clerk replies, "Whitesnake." Want to scream so many things at this point that I'm lucky my brain doesn't explode from the sudden flood of words. Stop in at different liquor store. Long haired guy in back looked like one of the guys from Fu Manchu. Purchase twelve pack of Olde English 800 for weekend (my weekend being Monday and Tuesday). Guy behind counter wearing sleeveless black t-shirt with a horror movie poster on it. Run into Georgie outside the house as she's departing for downtown. (Trip: 2 miles.)

1440 - 1500: Restring bass.

1500 - 1530: Make pizza. Do dishes.

1530 - 1610: Lunch. Shoot shit with Dave.

1610 - 1620: Field call from Georgie. Bank fucked her again. Not happy with her sister.

1620 - 1700: Go to bodega. Purchase two orange push-ups. Take one to Georgie at the hostel.

1700 - 1800: Have beer with Dave. Make stems.

At this point, time becomes irrelevant.


Hang out with Dave and Rob. Start fire. Georgie returns home from work at around 2200, joins group.

Georgie and I watch Heroes.

End of day.

I aint doin' shit, today.

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