14 June, 2009

Yesterday's tracking session.




Drum Kit/Program
So after two misfires, I finally went and rererecorded the bass and guitar parts to the project I've been working on with the drums that I had to time stretch all over the damned place. What I think threw me off was that my usual working process was conducted out of order both times. First, I recorded the guitar, then tried to throw a drum program at it and you guys were there for that mess. Well, after two days of working on it, I said fuck it and decided to rerecord it using the time stretched drums played back at the average tempo, this time recording guitar before bass so I'm still mentally off when it comes to the process that I'm used to conducting. Really, it puts your brain in a different space to do things out of order.
So this time I said, "Fuck it." I scrapped the guitar and bass tracks, deleted the markers on the drum track, cut out a bunch of superfluous bullshit, laid down the bass then the guitar, and it came out alright. Now all I gotta do are figure out some words for this monstrosity.
More tracking this afternoon.

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