17 June, 2009

What with all the exitement today, I nearly didn't post anything.

Busy busy morning: clean kitchen, long distance phone calls, and a walk downtown with US$999 in pennies. Would've been an even ten beans if it weren't for the blasted Canadian penny that threw off the bank's fancy hadron collider Coin Star thing. Banker Steve tells me the Canadian ones magnetize the machine which put the actual total at the aforementioned US$999. Who knew that Canadian pennies were even slightly magnetic?
From there went to the post office where the guy at the counter told me I won the sideburn award for the day. I told him I'd like to thank the academy. Nice guy, so it wasn't like he was trying to give me a hard time for the mutton chops.
Dreary day, humid, so even while it's not hot out, still sweaty, though. Tried to think of something musical to accomplish today, noticed a band will be playing in Stevens Square Park tonight at 1930, alas, I will be at work.
Got home. Gray days like this make me feel a little off and y'all know I hate working night shift because I sit around all day with my thumb up my ass waiting to go to work. In the studio, where I've been for an hour and a half, but not necessarily in the mood to start mixing just yet.
Also have to prepare some pics of my Fuzz Face for a guy in the UK who's interested in it. I never use it and it's broken, he'd like to fix it up, so that will be cool. Net a bit of extra bill money.

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