16 June, 2009

Today's Tracking Session


* Overdubs

Drum Kit/Program
Basically, I've had a head full of ideas lately that I'm just trying to get out and it's oh! so easy to do when I have to expend a minimal amount of effort to set up the gear. So, I've been tracking and throwing together rough mixes all weekend. Haven't put too much effort into things like automation. It's been kind of neat, though, seeing how things sound when I don't immediately go for the EQ, dynamic, or time-based processing, things that have been traps I've fallen into for about the last year which has gotten pretty stagnant sounding. That and it's not exactly like I'm exploring any new territory when I keep falling back on the same old bag of tricks. Really wanted to do things a little more raw, not have to keep reaching for even the second guitar. Gotta admit, one piece sounds a little like Robin Hood Hills and another sounds like Interpol. But, hey, work is getting done. Not bad for a guy whose day off consisted of Irish coffee and a can of blackeyed peas.

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