27 June, 2009

Today's Hostel Incident Report

6/27, AM Shift: Staff went to restroom where he found the trash can on the toilet and the I.D. of guest *. ***** on the sink. Lifting the toilet lid, staff found a mess. Plunging attempt proving futile, staff returned to office to save computer work and print "OUT OF ORDER" sign, where management found him. Staff returned to restroom and finished plunging. Then dry-heaved in the parking lot.
Ms. *****'s I.D. is in the office.
This is the same guest I wrote about on Facebook:
This one guest at the hostel... I thought she was reasonably hot, you know? She just seems like the kind of person that mixes NyQuil into her whiskey, you know? As though she's RREEAALLLLYY stoned. But hot, that's kind of the important part. Anyway, she just came into the office with a cold sore the size and luminosity of the Bat-Signal.

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