21 June, 2009

That's right, I took yesterday off.

Actually, it was because I wound up picking up a few extra hours at the hostel and then from there had to go grocery shopping and then got into some more tracking. I'm currently in the office, checking out this kind of hot Taiwanese collegiate lady, and setting up the mute automation for a few of the more sparse tracks in a musique concrète piece I'm doing for shits and giggles. Haven't gotten into playing with tape speed and direction, but I am using a quarter note delay with strong feedback to create a looped effect.
Also had to rerecord a guitar part in the song I mentioned this week that sounds like I ripped off Interpol. I knew that there was something off about it, a little jarring. I had Georgie listen to it for a fresh set of ears and she pointed out that the guitar sounded a little flat. Well, sort of. It's the Duo-Sonic, which has never really intonated properly between the G and B strings, so almost any triad (as in every triad) is a little off sounding, so I simply went back and rerecorded the part using the Jaguar. We'll see if that doesn't sound too jarring when I toss it in the mix and the song goes from Duo-Sonic in the verse and a Jaguar in the chorus.
That's right, I wrote a song with verses and choruses.
Are you ready? Here we go...




Crowbar suspened from pipe, struck with 4' long, 1/2" diameter pipe
Detergent bottle suspended from pipe, struck with drum sticks
Trash can lid suspended from pipe, struck with drum sticks
Howling / cooing filtered through a pony bottle

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