03 June, 2009

So I, uh, think I like Pearl Jam now.

I've never been a Pearl Jam fan. I didn't like them at all. Back in the day, and when I say day, you have about 1826 options known as "any day from 1989 to 1994, there were two camps you could fall into. One was the (don't say it don't say it don't say it don't say it) Nirvana* (awww, fuck) camp, and the other was the Pearl Jam camp. I think it's pretty obvious which camp I fell into.
Don't get me wrong, it's not like there were kids in (oh, hell, just say it) Nirvana* t-shirts and kids in Pearl Jam t-shirts getting into "grunge battles" like some sort of Sharks & Jets rumble in the shadow of the Space Needle, and it's not like you could instantly befriend anybody who had the same band as you had on their t-shirt. Still, though. Still.
Most of my friends were Pearl Jam guys, and they embraced Pearl Jam with the same rabid fervor that I embraced (go on, drag this blog to hell) Nirvana.* The prospect of Pearl Jam coming to town was for guys like Levi, Kirian, and I think even Ryan, was cause enough to call off plans and was to them what it was to me to learn of yet another Nirvana bootleg getting released. Eventually, Ryan branched off into Ween, Kirian shifted a bit from Tool into O.A.R.** (for real, Adam, you broke my heart the night you told me), and Levi... what the fuck did Levi listen to? I mean, I actually tried getting him into Scratch Acid. But Pearl Jam fans they remained none the less.
As time wore on, Nirvana*'s impact wore off on me as I began to find heavier, nastier, dirtier things, things like Big Black's Songs About Fucking, High On Fire's Surrounded by Thieves, No!No Records' 0-60 in 73 Bands comp, and so on and so forth, picking up records from nickel and dime bins at thrift shops, cassettes from kiosks and booths at festivals, CDs from shows; I was getting out there.
As opened as my mind got, I still didn't like Pearl Jam. I think a good part of it was that I didn't want to like them. Then they put out that song, "Wishlist". I couldn't deny it, I liked that song.
Then I finally got around to watching Conan's first night hosting the Tonight Show tonight on Hulu; Pearl Jam was the musical guest and I gotta tell you: I liked it. Understand, now, they're not going to be my new favorite band any time soon and I'm not going to buy their records, but I'd go to a show if somebody bought me a ticket.
But if they play that "Jeremy" song or that "Evenflow" song, I'm straight walkin' out. But they're OK now.

* Just when you though we sent the Nirvana references away with May.
** Unfamiliar with O.A.R.? Count your blessings. And there is no way that I would ever be heartless enough to link to that crap. CRAP.


  1. I've never seen PJ. Ive never been that big of a fan until Into the Wild. I am not too impressed with the Conan performance, either.

    Imagine that you just heard that Mila Jovavich loves taking it in the butt from George Bush. That's the same reaction I had when I found out Hippy and Levi were into OAR. Inspuation.

    Levi liked the Deftones, Rage, and Limp Bizkit in the beginning and transitioned into being a big Dylan fan. Tool for breakfast, Simon and Garfunkel for lunch, followed by Bob.

    Seems Adam made it a point to listen to bands that only about 100 people have heard of before (besides that icky frat boy oar vomit), which isn't a bad thing, but I didnt get into it and his suggestions are hit and miss with me now.

    Its amazing to me that My Morning Jacket used to open for PJ. I think MMJ are far more talented.

  2. I thought the Into the Wild soundtrack was an Eddie Vedder solo joint. Could be why you liked that and not PJ.
    Now that you mention it, I do remember Levi digging Deftones and RATM back at BK, and eventually digging Doors and Dylan. But I don't recall the Limp Bizkit. I think it'd be better if we all forgot Limp Bizkit.
    I've always maintained that My Morning Jacket's "Dondante" off of Z is concentrated baby-making music.
    I don't know what happened, though; seeing PJ on Conan just finally clicked with me and I got it. It took close to twenty years, but I finally got it. Overall, like I hinted at, they're strictly OK, now, but the vast majority of their radio output never grabbed me.

  3. Wow, that must have been during my Skyy Vodka days when I admitted to liking OAR. Wow. Kind of fucked up in a way.

    MMJ, there is a band I just cannot for the life of me get into. I have tried multiple times and yet, I got nothing for them. I don't understand the allure of them...

    Although, I did like some of the Jim James / Conner Oberst projects that I have heard.

  4. You were indeed drinking a lot of Skyy (as well as a never ending creek of Rolling Rock) and you were indeed in love with O.A.R. You do recall singing along with that "crazy game of poker" song at the top of your lungs with your bottle raised high, I trust.


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