08 June, 2009

Salad aint got nothin' on this mutton!

At 1400CDT on June 7th, Electrical Audio Forum member Charlie D asked the forum whether he should shave his beard into mutton chops. At 0700CDT on June 8th, he decided the matter had been settled.

The people had spoken.


  1. That will get you some pussy, because you won't be tickling them when you go down now!


  2. Chicks dug "the tickler". It's when it's a fine coat of stubble that it scratches the hell out of them and leaves the area irritated.
    I mainly did this because the beard was getting boring, food was constantly getting caught in the moustache, and I'd heard just about enough Bin Laden jokes. I'm a pale-assed near-sighted German-Irish guy, how how in fuck does the addition of a beard make me look like a big-nosed middle-aged Saudi Arabian guy?
    Mostly though, it was the food thing.

  3. Man, I was hardly awake at that point. "The tickler" is the full beard and it tickles. The stubble is the unwanted scenario.

  4. Wait, you can see my differing facial hair in each comment?

  5. Damn, that picture profile thing is weird!

  6. I just showed Guy the Mutton Chop picture, he approves....


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