07 June, 2009

Joy DiWHOsion?

OK, who here likes Joy Division? Raise your hands. Well, you're probably familiar with their history, and the Warsaw LP. Just like White Zombie's first few records (way before La Sexorcisto) sound like a NY-damaged Damned or the Buzzcocks playing Cream informed Sabbath, Joy Division, when they were still Warsaw, sounded a lot like the Sex Pistols or the Buzzcocks and definitely there's the sound of what the Replacements would've been like had they been filthier, meaner, nastier, ballsier, smarter, but still the Replacements at heart.
Everything but the vocals on this is bone dry, and even then the vocals only get the slightest echo. Harmonics on the guitar are the same, so that's not doubling, that's chorus I'm hearing. (That's right, I'm on only the first listen and I'm writing up the review because holy piss is this ever great.) The drums are just as dry as Hugo's were on Entertainment!, but mixed further back and way more lo-fi. There's none of the electronic drum texturing expirements here that would occur on later Joy Division releases, but so far I'm hearing a bit of Glenn Branca inluenced instrumental work, which is weird considering that Lesson No. 1 for Electric Guitar didn't come out until two years after Warsaw did.
Holy shit, they are playing "Transmission" slow as fuck. This is like the first time I heard the (oh, Jesus, here we go again) original version of "Aneurysm" which was B-side to "Smells Like Teen Spirit". That shit was so slow, I thought the discman was eating the CD. (CDs were new technology for all us kids. You younguns have no idea how good you have it.) This is almost wrong to listen to it this slowly. Jesus Christ are they drinking NyQuil?
I had a dream about drinking NyQuil last night.
OK, "Shadowplay" sounds the same. Actually, dare I say it sounds better? Oh, I dare. This is a solid record, and while it's a shame the band wasn't happy with it - well hell, if they had been happy with it, they would've never became Joy Division. And really, if you're reading this and you've never heard Joy Division, you've got some problems of which I can't take care.

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