15 June, 2009

I'm not even going to bother with the charts today.

Pictured: The scourge of the EA Forums.
Tracked a few overdubs, nothing exciting. Just for a change of pace, I decided to break out my chorus pedal.
I set it for a very shallow depth and quick rate, just to create a flutter. I did two run-throughs, one normal and the other one with a slide. I overlaid them to thicken and blur things a bit.
Been throwing together rough mixes, but the things I'm doing lately are so second nature that they're hardly worth the mention in terms of level/panning/etc. The only thing I really consider all that cool that I've done with these mixes is I've automated a LP filter sweep to go from 20kHz to 6kHz with a 24dB/8ve slope so that it slowly fades from (virtually) full band width to the "telephone" bandwidth. It's pretty tight, considering the fade takes seven minutes to occur, so it's slight enough that your ears won't notice it until that instant at the seventh minute where everything comes back in all "BLAM!" and shit.
Other than that, I paid the phone bill and made a pot of chili.
God, I'm fucking horny.
I wish I were dead.

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