30 June, 2009

How do we end June?

This month had sixty three posts, technically sixty five but I deleted two and they're still in the post count for some reason. Anyhow, 63 posts in 30 days yields 2.1 posts per day including this one. We've broken the "2" barrier. How did we waste time during this month of sweaty drunkeness?
Number of posts this month: 63
Number of posts per day: 2.1
Number of posts that were not from Charlie: 2 (one from Adam, one from Dave, each 2% of total only because I rounded up, 0.033ppd, each once in thirty days)
Number of posts that were musically related: 29 (46% of total, 0.967ppd, less than once per day.)
Number of music related posts that were about recording: 8 (13% of total, 0.267ppd, more than once every four days)
Most popular post theme: "Can We All Agree On Something?" (6 posts, 10% of total, 0.2ppd, once every five days)
Shortest post: Can We All Agree On Something? (10 words)
Longest post: Jammie Thomas-Rasset Ordered to Pay RIAA US$1.92Million (1748 words)
Subject of the post that was at the top of the page when a potential employer looked at it: Food Poisoning.
The accompanying graphic from that post:
The caption that accompanied that graphic:
Fuck. You.

Number of days the interviewer said it would take to get back to me: 10
Days it has been now: 14
Chances are that they will call: 2 ("Slim" and "Fat")
Amount of heartbreak I feel over not getting called for a commission-based sales job that would require me to pull up stakes, move three states away, and throw my life into complete disarray: 0%

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