23 June, 2009

Fuzzy the Fuzz Face in Overseas Adventure!

Yesterday, shit got up to 101o Fahrenheit according to Google Weather, so I felt like it was a great idea to walk downtown.

Godspeed you red bastard.
Had to go downtown because that's where the post office is, and I had to go to the post office because I sold my Fuzz Face to an EA Forumite in England. I've had the Fuzz Face for nearly eight years and it's never worked properly, I rarely ever use it, I'm never going to fix it, and this cat in England says he's got a couple Fuzz Faces and Fuzz Face parts. Tells me he'll throw me a solid hundy for it. Must be some sort of collector or something. And as much as I hate to see any of my equipment go, I know "Fuzzy" is going to a good home. Technically where it was born, anyhow.
I've never shipped anything overseas in my life, so when the guy at the counter asks if I filled out the customs form I responded, "Who?"
He says, "Who? A customs form."
I think to myself, "Great, forms." Turns out that there isn't much to a customs form. But, because of some sort of international regulation, I have to put down the addressee's name. I don't know his name, I know his screen name: Evolu.
Now what am I going to do? I'm all the way downtown and it's probably dinner time or something in England, how the fuck do I get a hold of the guy? I mean, I'm already here. I've got other things of which I need to take care while here at the post office.
Evolu is now known to the United States Postal Service as Mr. E. Volu of Lancashire, England. Of course, three hours later I received through the post a money order from Evolu, with his first and last name.

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