04 June, 2009

Free Eats!

Quite pleased was I last night to find the following items left behind by checked out guests at the Minneapolis International Hostel:
One (1) bottle of Cool Blue Gatorade. I don't generally drink Gatorade, but fuck it.
One (1) gigantic bag of assorted organically grown vegetables. Three or four days old, and because they're not treated with a bunch of chemicals means they go to pot sooner. You know, if you douse this stuff in ranch, you can get by the questionable spots on the orange pepper that you put in your big salad. 1 2 3
One half (1/2) of one (1) 375mL bottle of Southern Comfort.
So last night, I made a salad, drank some Gatorade, and knocked back just enough shots to get to drowsy. After a few more cups of coffee, I'm going to reattempt the tempo automation conundrum today.

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