08 June, 2009

Cripes, it's PM?

I don't get how there are people who don't like the Clash. Granted, there was a point when I didn't like the Clash. This was a point better known as "before I'd even heard the Clash".
Anyhow, there was this cat, Jared, that I knew in BG. He was one of those guys, those guys you see only at the bar, but he was cool. I didn't know if he was a townie or a student, I didn't know whose crew he ran with, he was short, angular featured, mohawked, wore a military jacket, he had a violent temper toward those who remarked on his mohawk, and the only time I ever saw him drunk was the time that he insisted on repeatedly singing to me The Greatest Amercian Hero.
He also asked me if I wanted to start a band. He said he wanted to sound like the Clash.
I wound up turning that offer down, as any other young artist, I was pretentious enough to believe that my music was original and that it didn't sound like anybody else. (It was fucking Black Sabbath at the time.) I told Demi about it and he said, "Are you fuckin' crazy? The Clash were like the Led Zeppelin of punk; they were like four bands in one." Looking back on Demi's sage advice, I can see that this is one of the few nuggets that ring true. Most of the rest of it was pretty bunk. ("You gotta shred!")
I bring it up because I was checking my email this morning and PRFer Steve V. had commented on my Facebook posting about Black Flag while I was listening to the Clash. Steve V. isn't really into the Clash from what I remember. (I believe he told me in his second podcast appearance.) I realized that the only song that really got me into the Clash wasn't "Rock the Casbah" but this video for "The Clampdown" that I had on a DVD comp. Then I was out partying with Caesar one night at the Refuge. He takes me back in the kitchen, gets me high, and starts bumping "Train in Vain" off of his iPod into the stereo. It clicked. From there, I had to go get The Essential Clash to find out what I had been missing. Honestly, I dug only about half of it.
Believe me I was going to have a point to all this but, man, if I didn't incur the huge mind fuck of taking a nap, waking up, and thinking it was eight in the morning when it was really eight at night. Jeeze -Louise, and you guys wonder why I use twenty four hour clocks.

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