25 June, 2009

Cold War Kids Interactive Video

I don't know how y'all feel about Cold War Kids, they seem to be pretty polarizing in some camps. I for one think they do some really cool stuff. The coolest, though, by far is their interactive video from about a month ago. I found about it only a few weeks back myself and I've been sitting on it for when there was a slow news day. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out.
Each member of the band plays the same song four times, each time using a different instrument and playing the song differently. As the song plays, you can change which session each band member plays, you get me? Each session is indicated by a different color light on the band members and the sessions are color coded thusly:
Red: Rock
Green: Techno
Blue: Jazz
Yellow: Dub/Space
Ever wondered what vocoded vocals would sound like over a farfisa, an upright bass, and funk drums? Yeah, something like that. This is really the avenue music videos need to go down anymore, since we've seen a swing in people's viewing habits shift from television to the internet; I can't see why TV, in maybe the next twenty years, wouldn't follow print media. Besides, MTV stopped showing videos by the end of the nineties anyhow.
Extra props to the guitarist, who is shown here playing guitar, piano, organ, synths, marimba, percussion.

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