16 June, 2009

Can I post distractedly for a few minutes?

You know who I should probably listen to? Wu Tang Clan. I understand dey aint nuttin' ta fuck wit'.

Sepultura. Man, I really tried to get into their stuff, but so far it hasn't worked out so hot.

Pennies. I'm counting them.

It's my day off. All I have scheduled for today is a podcast with Steve V. And I'm washing my sheets. Not much else. Therefore, I put a little whiskey in my coffee.

I'm pretty sure Kirian would dig Autolux.

I've been cooking more meals lately, not just weeks of mac and cheese interrupted by a frozen pizza.

Sometimes, Bob Dylan really does hit the spot. And I'm not even into Bob Dylan.

I have US$4.60 in pennies.


  1. Well, I think the podcast isn't happening.

  2. I will give Autolux a listen, any specific album?

    I took my dog Moe for a walk Monday and some guy was in his back yard jamming to what I think was the new Bob Dylan album. I am positive it was Dylan, just not sure if it was his new one.

  3. They just have the one right now, it's called Future Perfect.


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