11 June, 2009

Aluminum Brutes

I didn't know this, but apparently there's this whole little movement of architecture students in Tennessee who are really into aluminum. Really into it. They make guitars and basses out of it, they build amps out of it, they're even building drums out of it. At first, this did not appear to be "out of hand".
Well, turns out this little movement includes four bands each taking as names a variation of the name of a mid-twentieth century architecture movement.
Witness New Brutalism, Beton Brut, Soldat Brut (Russian "soldier", French "raw"), and Villabrut (French "house" and "raw"?).
New Brutalism and Soldat Brut are both completely located in Knoxville, Villabrut has two members in Knoxville and one member in the SF Bay Area while Beton Brut has a member in Knoxville, one in Chicago, and another in Baltimore. They all insist on spelling their band names with "//" at the end and in the instances when they decide that individual band members have names, each band member is assigned a unique ten-digit serial number.
So, obviously, these guys have nothing to do with the band Art Brut. I think these guys would shiv Art Brut. I don't know why I bring it up, probably because I had nothing else to write about this morning. That and I found this just a little out there, somewhere between cool and weird.

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