01 December, 2007

Organizationally, Krakoa adheres to only a small handful of rules.

1) Nobody shows up for practice fucked up.
You'll surely note that nowhere is it stated in that rule any clause regarding leaving practice fucked up.
2) Membership is nonexclusive so long in that obligations are met.
They can come and go as they choose, provided that they do the responsible thing and see a project out (be that project a record, show / handful of shows, tour) with the foreknowledge of an obligation to learn all the required material, practice regularly, and laugh at each other, damnit.
3) If money is involved, it gets split equally.
In instances where the membership roster is of a number hindering equal division (ex. 100 / 3 = 33.3repeating) the remainder goes to the person who drove. It's their gas tank. If gas is a negligible factor to them, then piss on it, I'll take it, shee-it, I wrote all the fucking songs.
4) No covers.
This one has been broken a lot. Principly, whenever I start to notice that the drummer might have this look on their face that I probably misinterperet at practice so I start playing a butchered version of Aerosmith's "Mama Kin". (Mike Lupro and Josiah Doles! Mike Lupro and Josiah Doles! You are both being paged!) Drummers hate "Mama Kin", especially punk drummers.
5) Don't record anything that can't be done on stage.
Broke this one a lot, too. You think Dave's going to haul his banjo out for one section of one song? Or that Anders is going to wait quietly in the wings to play sax? But we had to have those sounds, man.

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